Get change in your life and business by Vastu tips




For those who want to ensure that their domestic flat remains a place of bliss & prosperity, adherence to the divine principles of Vastu is a must.
Vastu is an architectural science of the Gods which has the potential of warding off all negative energies from any building/structure.
The right application of Vastu attracts peace, wealth and health in the residence and absence of Vastu compliance results in energy disturbance in the flat leading to all sorts of problems.
Hence, we urge you to book a Vastu consultation visit for your flat by Arun Bansal who is a well known& highly respected Vastu Expert.

Benefits of Vastu Consultation for your Domestic Flat by Vinay Garg:
• It offers through analysis of the flat on the principles of Vastu Shastra.
• One gets to know the Vastu condition of the main entrance of the flat which controls the overall flow of energy.
• Recommendation of ideal Vastu places and angles in the flat for the placement of furniture.
• It helps us to bring divine grace of living in the flat.
• It charges our flat with prosperous energies.
• Making the flat in adherence with Vastu resolves all money related problems.
• It creates an ambience of peace &self realization in the overall flat.
• It balances the Sun energy in the balcony to enhance the finance & health in the flat.
• Vastu compliant flats promote clarity of mind & creative thinking.
• Vastu based flats promote sound & refreshing sleep.
• Remedies are provided to balance the Five Elements residing in the flat.